Pure Origin

{cocoa}’s hand crafted chocolate is made using rare, pure origin vintages and unique blends that lend us our coveted characteristics for individuality and refinement. We go beyond sustainable, fair trade cocoa beans and collaborate with small chocolate producers that source rare and even wild cocoa bean vintages, giving us the opportunity to create something exclusive and unique. We consider the cocoa bean’s origins - the neighboring plants that impact the beans, the people responsible for and the practices used in growing and harvesting, and the developmental techniques in the manufacturing facility - to insure the freshest and most vibrant product available.


{cocoa} then lets the chocolate speak, sharing its subtle flavor nuances. Using specific blending techniques, we bring the natural properties alive by enhancing their distinctive flavors to create refined original chocolates. Each collection holds a unique sensory experience and personal interpretation Aroma subtle or bold, {cocoa} insures that the aroma engages instantly and prepares the palate to fully appreciate the complexities of the chocolate.